Roba Farms Photo Op Sign, a Harvest Festival in Pennsylvania

Harvest Festivals: A Great Way to Spend a Fall Day With Kids

Summer is over. Vacations are over. And you’re looking for something to do with your kids now that it’s fall.There are plenty of activities that you can do with your kids in the fall. One that is a yearly event for my family is a Harvest festival.

Enjoying a day at Roba Farms, a Harvest Festival in Pennsylvania2018 Roba Farms

Harvest Festival in Pennsylvania

My husband and I take my son to a harvest festival in Pennsylvania every year—Roba Farms. It’s an enjoyable time for all three of us and there is plenty to do for all children. Harvest Festivals are popular in the Fall, so if Roba Farms isn’t an option for you, you can search for one near you.

Bus Photo Op at Roba Farms in Pennsylvania
2019 Roba Farms

Now, how to get the tickets to Roba Farms. You can certainly purchase them at the entrance when you arrive, but your best bet is to purchase them online ahead of time. That is what we do.

Tip #1 – For any locals or anyone visiting the area in the Fall and want to check out Roba Farms, go on to their website, to buy the tickets. They will be cheaper online. Sometimes you may even be able to find a coupon if you search for one. And 2 and under is FREE!

Tip #2 – If money is tight, I would also look on the website to check the prices for the different days. Weekends are more costly than weekdays.

If you have a little one at home, you may want to bring a stroller. They may not always last in the stroller, but it is always a good idea to bring it. My son usually starts to squirm pretty fast, wanting out, especially if we stop moving, but we still always start out with one.

Once we got to the entrance, we gave them our tickets and received wrist bands to enter.

The Farm Animals

This was our first stop. They are right near the entrance if you are looking for the animals. Once over there, we took our son out of the stroller to see them. The smell of manure and farm animals clung to the air. There were goats, sheep, llamas, chickens, and bunnies. You can even buy farm family feed cups to feed the animals. My son was mesmerized by the different animals and loved to get up close to the cute, furry little ones, or with some, not so little ones. Except for when the goat or sheep stuck their heads through a hole in the fence, wanting to be fed, then he would stagger back away from them. It was amusing to watch.

Petting Farm Animals at Roba Farms in Pennsylvania
2018 Farm Animals at Roba Farms

He spent most of the time with the chickens that were in a coop where you had to walk into a small room to see them. But I think it was because he was more interested in walking in and out of the room then the actual chickens. After we were done with the chickens, we proceeded to the hand washing stations that were setup and washed our hands.

Please wash your hands after visiting with the animals.

The Corn Maze

There were 2 corn mazes…a Mega Maze and a Mini Corn Maze. With a little one, we thought the Mini Corn Maze was the best option. My son and I ventured into the corn maze with my husband right behind us pushing the stroller. Walking through the dirt and puddles, turning right, then left, turn after turn, trying to find our way out of the maze, letting my son lead the way, we lost my husband at some point. He wasn’t behind us anymore. Oops. My son and I continued on our way and eventually made it out and waited for my husband to join us.

After the corn maze, we moved further into the farm for some of the other events and activities.

Tip #3 – Before picking a date to go to Roba Farms, look at their website for the different events and activities they have going on because some events only happen on certain days and even certain times of the days. This will help you determine when you want to go. If there is an event you don’t want to miss, you might decide to go on a particular day and during a time of the day when that event is happening.

We didn’t get very far before we came up on a lady making balloon animals for free but taking donations. We didn’t want to miss out on this, so my son waited in line for his turn…not very patiently might I add. When it was his turn, he chose a monkey eating a banana. And carried it with him as we moved along.

The Marvelous Mugs

We made it here just in time for the next showing. It’s an agility course that dogs race through at tremendous speed. They dove through hoops, ran around cones without knocking them down, and dove into a swimming pool. We sat there and watched as my son kept yelling, “Doggie, doggie.” Then we watched as one of the dogs jumped over the gate that kept them in the obstacle course area. It ran past us panting and wagging its tale as one of the workers also ran past us trying to catch the dog as laughter from the audience surrounded us.

The Kid’s Corral

The Kid’s Corral is a sand box and a ship designed out of wood that you can play on with a slide built into it. My son had a blast in this area. He spent a good amount of time in the sandbox, shoveling sand into buckets and dumping it out of a toy dump truck. It was nice to sit back, relax, and watch him play in the sand. Once we were able to get him out of the sandbox, we let him play on the ship for a little while with the slide. Watching the excitement on his face as he soars down the slide is a joy in and of itself.  Getting him to leave a playground with slides always brings on a little temper tantrum.

But in the end, we got him to move onto the next activity.

Kiddie Kattle Train

It’s a train pulled by a tractor and the train carts are designed with cow patterns. My son and I sat in one cart and my husband sat in another. The tractor pulled the kiddie kattle train through a trail on the farm. As he enjoyed the train, his mouth formed an O shape and smiled big as giggles pushed past his mouth.

Riding the Kiddie Kattle Train at Roba Farms in Pennsylvania
2018 Kiddie Kattle Train at Roba Farms

After a ride on the kiddie kattle train, we took a little break and had some cider donuts. The soft bite of the donut and the brown sugary, apple cider taste is always delicious and something that can’t be missed

Tip #4 – You cannot take a trip to Roba Farms and not have their famous cider donuts. You won’t be disappointed. Most likely you won’t be able to have just one.

The Hillbilly Pig Races

These pig races are something not to be missed. Once the race started, we couldn’t take our eyes off the cute, little, muddy pigs racing around the little track with their short legs and snorting away. We sat and watched a few races before they stopped to take a break.

The Wagon Rides

Making our way to the wagon rides, we passed the Jumbo Jumper, which is one of those inflatable super bouncers you jump on. And my son desperately wanted to go on it, but he was still too young for this, but this is definitely an option for older kids. They’ll love it.

Once on The Wagon Ride, it drove around the farm and the pumpkin patch. My son is very sociable and friendly, making friends wherever we go. The whole ride he was entertaining the family next to us, chatting them up and laughing.

On the Wagon Ride at Roba Farms in Pennsylvania
2019 Wagon Ride at Roba Farms

The wagon ride is a great way to see the farm and use it as transportation to get on and off at different locations. But since we left our stroller at the spot where we boarded the train, we rode through the whole farm ending back where we started.

At this point, my husband and I were hungry. My son had already eaten and he was now exhausted. We put him back in his stroller and went to search for something to eat. It didn’t take long before our son was fast asleep. We decided on chicken tenders and fries and sat down to eat while our son slept. After we were done eating and our son woke up, we decided it was time to head out.

Make a Trip to Roba Farms

Roba Farms is definitely a Fall event that needs to be visited by locals and tourists alike. There are so many other activities at this harvest festival to do than just what we did. Some we didn’t get to enjoy because of either lack of time, the activity was closed that day, or my son was still too young. But there is so much more you can enjoy such as the Jumbo Jumper that I already mentioned, Rock Mountain Slides, the Pumpkin Patch, Low Ropes Grove, Pony Rides, Tractor Test Track, just to name a few, and so much more.  You can go on the website to see what all these events entail. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Have you been to Roba Farms? What was your favorite thing about it? Tell us about it in the comments below!
What harvest festival is near you? We want to read about it in the comments below!

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