Doing Halloween—Target Style!

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Halloween can be an exciting and thrilling night for all ages—dressing up, trick-or-treating, candy, Halloween parties, pumpkin carving. And trying to come up with Halloween ideas or a place to take your little ones trick-or-treating can be a challenge?

Shopping for Halloween Costume

With a toddler at home, Halloween has become more exciting for me. It’s all about him and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My favorite part of the holiday is shopping for his costume—searching for that perfect, adorable costume. And the variety is astounding. If you have a little one at home, you know what I’m talking about. You can choose from bugs and animals like a lion, monkey, lady bug, bee, and of course baby shark, which has become vastly popular with babies and toddlers, to superheroes, to TV and movie characters like Buzz Lightyear, Mickey and Minnie, Thomas the Train, and PAW Patrol.

Is your toddler obsessed with PAW Patrol? If so, I recommend the Marshall costume. My son loved this costume and it didn’t disappoint in the cuteness factor. It had a one-piece suit with a fire engine red vest, Dalmatian spots down the arms, legs and tail, and a pup tag, a fire engine hat with Dalmatian spotted ears sticking out, and a fire engine themed back pack.

Paw Patrol, Marshall Costume for Halloween from Amazon

Where to go Trick-or-Treating?

After securing the costume, your next step is deciding where to take them trick-or-treating. Last year, we heard about a Paw Patrol themed trick-or-treating event at Target. This was a perfect match to my son’s costume.

Tip #1 – Many Target’s across the United States does this trick-or-treating event. You could go to a location near you. You can check with your local Target to make sure they participate and what day they are having the event. The day may differ at different locations. We went in 2019 (due to COVID it may get cancelled, so check it out first…if that’s the case, definitely check it out in 2021).

Outside of Target getting ready to trick or treat

We walked into Target ready to trick-or-treat. There was a table setup at the entrance where we were handed a PAW PATROL bag to put his treats in. At this point, my son was jumping around, excited to get started. Be prepared for you toddler to want to get a running start.

Tip #2 – While we came prepared with a pumpkin basket, you don’t have to bring a bag or basket for the treats. Target will supply you with a bag.

Target Trick-or-Treating Has Begun

After taking the PAW Patrol bag, we made our way through Target. Looking around we saw all the other children dressed up. While there were some Marshall’s, Skye’s, and Chase’s, not everyone was in a PAW Patrol costume. We saw Princesses, a Lion, Dinosaurs, Superheroes, and even a baby in a Winne the Pooh costume. So adorable.

Tip #3 – Your child doesn’t have to be in a PAW Patrol costume to participate in this Target event.

There were tables setup throughout the store. At each table was a Target employee giving out candy, pretzels, fruit snacks, PAW Patrol coloring pages and stickers. My son was never one to shy away, so he dove right in with his tiny hand to grab a fistful of treats at each table, tossing them into his bag.

Collecting Crayons and Coloring Pages while Trick or Treating at Target

Tip #4 – There aren’t Target employees guiding you through the store. So you just need to make your way through, searching for the tables. We even made a second round to make sure we didn’t miss any.

As we made our way to the back of the store, we came across the TV’s where they were playing PAW Patrol episodes. My son stopped, begging to watch. So we let him watch for 10 minutes before we told him we needed to move onto the rest of the tables. He was not happy at first, scrunching up his face with a whine, but as soon as we reached the next table, he was over it.

Tip #5 – If you have a little one who is also obsessed with PAW Patrol and want to avoid a temper tantrum, avoid the part of the store where the TV’s are located.

It was a cute event, but one thing that could have spruced up the event a bit, was a Halloween parade. That would have been something all toddlers would have loved. But nonetheless, we had a great time, my son had a great time, and we would recommend going if you have kiddos who are PAW Patrol lovers.

I know your little ones will love it too!

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Have you been trick-or-treating at Target? Where do you take your little ones trick-or-treating? We want to read about it in the comments below!

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