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8 Benefits to Disconnecting on Vacation – Ditch the Phone

We are all attached to our cellphones. Constantly checking them. Checking email, missed calls, voicemail, social media, work. But what would happen if you couldn’t check any of those? What if you have no cell service while on vacation? Or what if you were to make the conscious decision of disconnecting on vacation? Some may think they wouldn’t be able to survive, but let me give you a little bit of advice. You most certainly will survive—and will be better for it. There are many benefits to unplugging on vacation.

My husband and I recently had an opportunity to disconnect while on vacation. Well, I shouldn’t say it was an opportunity because it wasn’t a choice we made. We went camping and simply did not have any cell service at the campground, forcing us to disconnect. But it was the best thing that could have happened as it gave us the much need relaxation and time to just slow down and enjoy each other and our son.

Here are 8 benefits to disconnecting on vacation whether it’s a choice to unplug or you’re forced to with no cell or internet service.

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1. Being Able to Relax

You need to be able to disconnect once in a while or it could lead to a burnout. And what better way to relax than on vacation. Most people are attached at the hip to their cellphone. But if you leave it at home or in your hotel room, car, purse, etc. and DON’T take it with you when you go sightseeing, exploring your next adventure, it will give you the chance to relax and enjoy your time with your spouse, kids, family, friends, whoever you may be traveling with.

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2. Focus on Family

When you’re disconnecting on vacation, it gives you an opportunity to focus on your family. And more importantly on your kids. I don’t know about you, but my son has certainly said to me once before “put your phone away, mom”, and it definitely has made me feel guilty. So forget about work, bills, home, forget about everything that needs to be done and check off your to-do list and just enjoy your family. Go sightseeing, explore, go out into nature, take a walk, go on an adventure with your family and kids. And for that short amount of time, don’t think about anything else, don’t worry about anything. Just be present!

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3. Disconnect from Work

Both my husband and I have demanding jobs and ones that require us to be attached to our cellphones. Now lets face it, no matter how demanding your job is, it’s not going to fall apart because you took a vacation and I am sure you have a backup or someone covering for you while you’re on that vacation. But in this era of cellphones, even when we take vacation days from work, it’s hard not to check in when you have your work email right there on your cellphone. You say you’re not going to check, but you almost do without a conscious thought. It’s just habit. This is certainly me and what I do.

Well, a few months ago, we went camping to a state park in Pennsylvania, Ole Bull State Park, and we actually didn’t have any cell service while there. So I didn’t get the chance to choose on my own to disconnect and put the cellphone away, the choice was made for me. And let me tell you there is nothing like it. I didn’t check work or my cellphone once because I couldn’t. This is the most relaxed and freeing I have felt in a long time. Even when you choose to disconnect and put the cellphone away it’s still not even as relaxing as this was because the option to pick it up is still there and most likely you will eventually pick it up. But when you can’t check it, there is nothing to do but enjoy your vacation.

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4. Free your mind

When you don’t have your mind boggled down by your job, it definitely frees up your mind to just be present with your family and kids. To think about what you’re doing in that moment, what you’re going to see that day, what you’re going to do that day, what’s your next adventure going to be, it gives you the chance to just laugh and have fun with your kids. Your mind is nowhere else. As it should be.

5. Focus on the Sights and Attractions

Wherever you are going on your vacation or trip, I am sure there will be plenty of sights and attractions to see. When you’re disconnecting on vacation by leaving your phone behind, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sights and not miss any of them. If you’re stuck with your head down in your phone, checking work, then you’d missing the sights and miss being in the photos. Then when you look back on your photos years from now, you’ll wonder why you’re not in any of them or why you can’t remember that trip. You wouldn’t want that. So lose the phone and disconnect and just focus on those sights.

6. Your Mood and Energy Increases

Disconnecting can help your mood and energy. You might see both of those increase. Because if you get enough sleep and rest and relaxation, you’ll find your have more energy. If you’re not worried about meeting deadlines, work emergencies coming up, losing money (this is a big one for me since I’m in sales) then your mood will certainly increase and you will become happier. Who wouldn’t want that.

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7. Feel Refreshed When you Get Back to the Real World and Work

What about after your vacation is over? If you were able to disconnect and not have to worry about anything at work or back home and stress about it all, when you get back to all that, you will feel refreshed. You will be ready to back to it and you’ll be more focused at work.

8. Does Wonders for Your Mental Health

Have you ever heard of the term, a mental health day? Everyone needs a break and a mental health day once in a while. But is 1 day ever enough? Not for me. Take that week long vacation as your mental health week and unplug. Disconnect from work and the real world to rejuvenate your mind and mental health. Relax that mind from all work and stress. This can help improve your mental health.

Having the opportunity of disconnecting on vacation whether it’s a choice or you’re forced to from no cell or internet service can be the best thing for you. It can give you an chance rejuvenate and rest up so when you’re home from vacation and ready to get back to the real world that you will feel refreshed and more focused.

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