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10 Reasons Why a Cruise is Better Than a Land Vacation

Trying to choose a family vacation and can’t decide between a cruise or land vacation? Which is better? I say, a cruise. And why a cruise is better than a land vacation you ask?

While a plane, train, bus, car are all means of transportation, cruise ships are way more than that. Yes, you are traveling from destination to destination on the cruise ship, but no one is cruising just to get from one destination to the next. A cruise ship is like a floating hotel; it is your destination. 

There is just as much to do and see on the ship as there is at each port. And while there are advantages and disadvantages to both cruising and land vacations, with a cruise you get mostly all-inclusive, ease and comfort, and excellent service.

Here are 10 reasons why a cruise is better than a land vacation!

Norwegian Cruise Line Ship Docked on Water

1. Visit Multiple Destinations in One Trip

Vacationing on land, you will only get to experience 1 destination. With a cruise, you can visit multiple destinations in 1 trip.

Do you have multiple countries in Europe that are on your bucket list? Wouldn’t it be great if you can spend 1 or 2 weeks on a cruise visiting all those countries?

If you were vacationing on land, you would only be experiencing 1 of those countries within a week or 2. Well, you can visit more than 1 country, but then you have to deal with packing and unpacking, the hassle and crowds at airports, or bus and train travel. Not to mention all the travel time this would take up. At least a day or 2.

With cruising you won’t have to deal with all of that. There is no packing and unpacking to go from destination to destination, no airport, bus or train, and no travel time. Most of the travel time will be spent overnight while you’re sleeping.

2. All Inclusive Food

On a cruise, your food (unless you dine in a specialty restaurant) is all inclusive. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all included.

You can eat as much as you want and not have to worry about the bill at the end of the night. And there are so many options to choose from. More than one dining room which consists of a different menu every night, all you can eat buffets, smaller included restaurants throughout the ship, food pool side.

And you can’t beat the quality of the food.. Which is another thing you won’t have to worry about—picking a restaurant that ends up having bad quality food or bad service.

Sitting at Dinner on the Cruise Ship

3. No Worries on Drinking

You want to have a few drinks at dinner, at the bar, nightclub, show, or pool side, go ahead and have that cocktail, glass of wine, or beer you’ve been dying to have. You won’t have to drive anywhere.

The most you’ll have to worry about is riding that elevator up to your floor and possibly the rocking of the ship. And if you do start to feel swaying, don’t worry, it’s most likely the ship, not you.

So just take that drink and have a fun night out.

Tip #1 – There is usually a drink package that you can purchase which will consist of all-inclusive alcoholic drinks. However, Norwegian cruise lines usually have deals where you can end up getting the drink package included and at no extra charge.

4. The Ship Takes Care of Your Tours

Unlike a land vacation, with a cruise, you won’t have to research what there is to do there or what sights to see and have to figure out what tour company to book your tours through. With a cruise, you can go right on the cruise site to see a list of tours, also called shore excursions. They have plenty of options at each destination and you can book the ones you’re interested in and are within your budget and then the ship will take care of the rest.

Your tickets will be in your room when you arrive, they will take care of transportation, and will give you all the details you need to know regarding the tours, such as the adventurous level, where to meet, what you need to bring, and if a meal will be included.

So you’ll just need to show up at the designated spot to meet at the designated time and enjoy the excursion that you booked with no hassle.

Tip #2 – Tipping the bus driver/tour guide for each shore excursion is appreciated and recommended.

5. Family Friendly/Youth Programs for Kids

Cruises are absolutely family and kid friendly, which can be an advantage over trying to find land destinations that are great for kids and then researching what types of tours, sight seeing, and activities to do with kids there. On cruises there are so many things to do for kids. There is swimming, basketball, mini-golf, arcade, etc.

And most cruises also have youth programs for kids if you want to have some adult time without them. There are programs for kids of all ages, from nursery to teens. It includes fun activities for different age groups.

I used to cruise when I was a kid and I always got involved in the youth programs and always had a blast. I’m sure your kids will love it to.

I’m looking forward to taking my son on his first cruise, which hopefully we can do in 2022.

6. Clean

The ships are usually extremely clean. I have never been on a ship that I felt was dirty. From the hotel rooms to the dining rooms, pool areas, spa, gym, anywhere basically, I have always felt it was very clean.

This is definitely an advantage then trying to search for a clean hotel at the destination that you’ll be vacationing at. Especially since it is so hard to tell by the pictures how clean the place may be and you can’t always trust the reviews either.

This will take that worry away from you especially if you have kids. You want to make sure the hotel is clean enough where you feel comfortable taking your kids.

7. Diversity on Activities and Entertainment

There are so many activities and so much entertainment on cruises that you will stay busy your entire vacation. There are production shows, shops, lectures, a spa, a fitness center, and sports areas such as basketball, mini-golf, rock climbing, pool. And more cruises are including even more activities on board for your entertainment.

For example, my last cruise alone, which was on Royal Caribbean, had rock climbing, roller skating, bumper cars, Rip Cord by Ifly, which is a sky diving simulator, an escape room, and North Star, which is a big circular ball with windows all around to give you 360° views high up in the air.

There are so much diversity when it comes to the activities you can partake in. And you will find something for everyone.

Ice Carving by Pool Side on Cruise Ship

9. Forced Leisure Time

When you are vacationing on land, you may fall into staying on the go and not stopping because you are determined to see everything you can before you have to leave, which can leave your kids exhausted. On a cruise you are forced to take breaks and have some leisure time because you will usually have at least 1 or 2 at sea days, where the ship is cruising on water to get to your next destination. And you will have that whole day on the ship to do whatever you want. You can eat as much as you want, do some of the many activities on board, or relax by the pool.

Pool and Water Slides on the Cruise Ship

10. Can unplug

You won’t be able to use your cellphone and or have any internet access on the ship unless you pay for an internet package and why would you want to do that. Why would you want to be stuck in front of a computer when you can be enjoying the ship, the sea, your vacation? You can sit in front of a computer at home, so you don’t want to do it on the ship.

Therefore, on a cruise you are forced to unplug and it can be exhilarating. You won’t believe how amazing it feels not to be glued to your phone or computer. It is actually a big stress reliever. You can actually feel the stress leave your body.

You can fully relax on a cruise!

Siting by pool side on the cruise ship

A cruise is perfect for families, generational vacations, friends getting together, and couples. It can be great for your next family vacation, a honeymoon, celebrating a birthday or family reunion. There is something for everyone on a cruise ship.

You definitely won’t regret choosing a cruise for your next vacation.

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